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All of our sessions harmonize individual respect and business targets. Our specificity is characterized by our capacities and aptitudes to reinforce “KNOW-HOW” and “KNOW-TO-BE” at the same time, and to enable individuals to use their competences in “KNOW-TO-BECOME”.

Beyond development and learning, the best way to guarantee and assert your new social and professional behavior is TRAINING.

  • Our convictions to “know-how”, “know-to-be” and “know-to-become”:

  • Our creed: understand, undertake and surprise!

  • We focus on visions, missions and behavior development, with respect for values.
  • We consider behavior is as important as competences to be successful.
  • We spur you on to improve your aptitudes with enthusiasm!

  • We give your partners skills, tools and impulsion to enable them to progress and we ensure ourselves of their integration!
  • We capitalize on strong-points to help improve self-esteem.


By working with tools directly applicable on a day to day basis: “know-how”.

By using a permanent and individual follow up (“know-to-be”), during one year, from the end of training to guaranteed results (know-to-become”).


In learning sport, music and languages, we accept to be trained but in the development of our professional behaviors, we don’t. It takes time to integrate skills and tools.

We will support you during a long time and set coaching sessions every three weeks.

To improve your competences and aptitudes with enthusiasm, “understanding” isn’t sufficient! It’s necessary to practice every day in business and coaching sessions for enduring changes!

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  • Integrity : to manifest integrity in everything we do.
  • Excellence : to target excellence in every type of business.
  • Flexibility : to be flexible to react quickly.
  • Watchfulness : to be vigilant in giving you all the new skills and tools in regards to our activities.
  • Train ourselves constantly to adapt our competences.
  • Humor : to create a convivial ambience where good humor can boost learning and group cohesion.
  • Rigor and method: we are mindful of quality and pertinence of our trainings.


Our working method is based on listening intently to our partners, sharing analysis to target excellence and set the best adapted solutions in the context, and to fix objectives.

  • Contribute to develop interactions of organizations and individuals with rigor and method, and with respect for the values of each one.
  • Manage a powerful leadership working to develop business
  • Work out visions, missions and behaviors’ development with respect for each one.
  • We believe that to be successful and to reach excellence, behavior is equally important as professional competences.