Creativity and leadership both represent private journeys with public implications. Creativity is a means of empowering people to trust themselves and develop a new mind set for seeing, organizing and leading.

Much of present business culture contradicts the conditions that allow creativity to flourish and innovation to occur because of fear of failure, the need to get it right the first time, speed and efficiency and constant results based on assessments which are antithetical to the creative process.

The creative process is an act of courage. This is because it is always a journey into the unknown resulting in powerful self-discovery. It requires fearless commitment to exploration, risk taking and failure. In the words of the great playwright, Samuel Beckett, it requires that we “fail again, fail better!”.

To connect with your creative core, your inner inspiration and passion, is to connect to the powerful forces and energies that make you who you are at your best as a leader and as a human being and that give you your unique voice and style.

In order to explore how the principles of the creative process can help shape effective leadership practice the Courageous Leadership Programme offers a unique laboratory of experiential learning from the world of theatre which moves the intellectual learning around leadership into the body and into action.

Using rich and powerful methods and tools from theatre making, directing and performing, you will be supported and directed through an intensive creative process. You will be challenged to give yourselves fully to the moment and advance into the spotlight of empowering discovery of new ways of thinking, doing and being.

Great performances inspire everyone

Because the performers have learned how to:
– connect to their voice, body and energy
– connect to their belief, purpose and passion
– connect to their audience as individuals
– have confidence in being in the moment
We achieve great results because we are passionate about what we do – making you shine in the greatest role you’ll ever play – performing as yourself.